A Primer on Play: How to Use Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

A Primer On Play: How to Use Games for Learning

Join Sharon Boller, President of Bottom-Line Performance, for a webinar that shows you the “why” of games and gamification. Sharon is the lead designer of our Knowledge Guru game engine. She has authored multiple white papers on learning game design and speaks at national conferences such as DevLearn and ASTD International on the power of games for learning.

We’ve gotten more positive feedback from games than any other type of learning solution:

“Can you create more stuff like this?”

“I learned SO much by playing this game. It was tons of fun. I learned more by playing this game than any webinar, meeting, or document I’ve encountered.”


Why? Games hold our interest in a way that a screen of text coupled with an image or two and a next button never will. There’s no question that games and gamification are fun and engaging. The challenge is to map the “fun” elements of games with the principles of effective learning design…. and ultimately, real business results.

So join Sharon to learn about game based learning and gamification…. and the various ways we use our Knowledge Guru game engine with our clients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Nine ways games create an experience of “fun.” Collecting, role playing, collaboration, and more.
  • Four essential learning design principles that make learning happen, regardless of the medium.
  • Five reliable, repeatable ways the “fun” elements of games overlap with learning design principles. You can use these again and again in game based learning and gamification initiatives.
  • How the Knowledge Guru game engine uses motivation, relevance, feedback and retrieval to help people memorize facts while having fun.
  • The inner workings of the admin Knowledge Guru admin dashboard. We show you how games and gamification actually provide more detailed, accurate tracking of learner progress than traditional learning solutions.
  • How our client, ExactTarget, used a Knowledge Guru game as part of new product training, including the three biggest indicators of their ROI (return on investment).
  • Two things ExactTarget would do differently for their next game-based learning initiative.
While we use specific examples from how we used our Knowledge Guru game engine, The webinar is ideal for anyone interested in game based learning and gamification.


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If you want to take game-based learning further, register for our learning game design workshop hosted by Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp. It will be held on August 28th in Indianapolis.

Play to Learn - Designing Effective Learning Games

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Sharon Boller - thumbnailSharon Boller is the president of Bottom-Line Performance, Inc. She founded BLP in 1995, and in 16 years has developed a wide array of learning solutions for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. BLP’s focus is primarily eLearning and as learning has gone mobile so has BLP. Sharon has 25 years’ experience in learning design and a passion for learning. Sharon is the lead designer of the Knowledge Guru™ game engine, a tool for creating mobile games. She was also the lead designer of “A Paycheck Away,” a tabletop board game exploring the issue of homelessness. Sharon has spoken at numerous conferences – including ASTD, ISPI, and SALT on the topics of learning design and game design. Sharon has an M.S. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, where she graduated magna cum laude.


The Knowledge Guru game engine

Knowledge Guru is a game engine that uses the power of play to help learners learn facts fast. Its research-based – and fully-tested – design ensures your people learn and remember. Its game format lets them have fun doing it.

We created Knowledge Guru as a solution to a problem we’ve seen over and over with our clients: Job related information is not always fun to learn… and it’s even tougher to remember.

Learners climb mountain paths, earning points and badges along the way. They must deliver three scrolls to the Guru for each of your topics in order to become Gurus themselves. They answer questions on each path and track their progress against other players on the leaderboards. Meanwhile, you track all the action and see results by learning objective, question, region, and individual learner from the powerful admin dashboard.

The game is playable across all devices: desktop, iPad, Android tablet and more via web app or native app. It works independently of an LMS… but it is also Tin Can API compliant so you can use an LMS if you’d like.

Best of all, we are creating a DIY question wizard so you can create your own Knowledge Guru games and questions. The question wizard is coming in May 2013.

Business Results:

Here’s a sneak peak at the business results ExactTarget saw from using a Knowledge Guru game. We explain these results in greater detail in the webinar:

ROI of Learning Games: Knowledge Guru and ExactTarget

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