Sharon Boller

Sharon Boller

Sharon Boller

Who I Am

I am the President and Chief Product Officer.

What I Bring to Your Bottom Line

Well, my staff would say an insane drive, a virtual cauldron of ideas, and a desire to always push the edges of the envelope to discover how to do things better. I’m on a continual quest for THE perfect, most effective learning solution. Our focus over 20 years ago started out as “training and instruction;” I’ve since come over from the Dark Side, and I realize it’s all about helping people learn – not just providing instruction. This mindset opens up a whole new set of possibilities for learning tools – blogs, wikis, podcasts, YouTube-style videos – that go far beyond traditional training stuff (though we do the traditional stuff, too!)

So… I’m going to bring a philosophy on learning that is honest – and research-based. I will help you figure out what WILL work, but I’ll also tell you what won’t work.

Facts About Me

  • I am the human version of the Energizer Bunny. I love to run, walk, swim, bike, play games…white-water raft, hike, etc. and can’t fathom why everyone doesn’t love to exercise for multiple hours at a time.
  • I grew up on a farm. My worst childhood memory was having to collect eggs from our chickens (the hayloft they lived in was the stuff of nightmares); my best childhood memory is all the fun of roaming around and playing outdoors for hours.
  • Those who know me would say I am a tad bit competitive.
  • I have an M.S. Ed in Instructional Systems Technology, which is nothing compared to the PhD in psychology gained from life experience raising two kids who both turned out great in spite of me. I think their father’s exceptional parenting overrode my mistakes.

How I Like to Give Back

My passion and focus these days rests both locally and globally. Locally, I lead BLP’s efforts related to Dayspring Center, a homeless shelter in Indianapolis. We’ve been involved in shoe shopping, refurbishing rooms, gathering baby supplies, adopting families, taking kids to the zoo, and sponsoring fundraising events such as the Annual Putt-Putt golf outing.

I was the lead developer and coordinator of BLP’s partnership with Dayspring Center and CI-ATD to create a social game called A Paycheck Away. This game was offered as an event at the 2012 Spirit and Place Festival in Indianapolis, and our goal was to help spark social change. We use the game to cultivate people’s understanding of homelessness and why it happens as well as help them understand how they can contribute to ending it.

On a global level, BLP supports Heifer International. Their philosophy “give people a cow, not a cup” makes sense to us. Teaching people to do for themselves is way better than giving them handouts. I’ve been to Heifer International headquarters in Little Rock, AR and toured their global village. I find the “school in a suitcase” inspiring and I love their philosophy of paying it forward by having any village they work with give their first-born animal to another villager to continue to grow the program and the self-sustenance model.