Are You Using the Single Best Twitter Chat Tool Out There?

#TalkTech is on vacation today, but we still have Twitter on the brain. Go figure!

We are big fans of Twitter chats and love how many choices there are for Twitter chats on learning. Unfortunately, participating in these chats is not as easy as it should be. if you try and use Twitter’s browser interface or pull up the iOS app, you will probably run into some problems. How do you keep track of the chat conversation without getting distracted by other Tweets? How do you eliminate distractions? And why do you have to keep typing in that dumb hashtag!? What is the best tool for using Twitter?

Enter…the best tool for Twitter chats. It’s easy to use:

1. Go to Click “Log In” and authorize Tweetchat to use your Twitter account.

2. Type the hashtag you want to follow (i.e. #TalkTech, #Nutrichat) into the field at the top of the screen and click “Go.” All tweets using this hashtag are displayed in chronological order.

3. Tweetchat automatically delays tweets by a few seconds so the chat flows better. Click “refresh speed,” then adjust to 5 seconds so you see tweets faster.

4. Start Tweeting! You do not have to manually type the hashtag for each tweet. Twitter adds this for you.

Want to see Tweetchat in action? Watch a Screencast on Tweetchat from our friend, mobile learning analyst RJ Jacquez where he shows how he uses Tweetchat to participate in our #TalkTech chat.

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