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Why Mobile Learning is a Slow March (#ATDTK Reflections)

While a huge number of organizations are still just getting their feet wet with mobile, this year’s ATD TechKnowledge conference sought to get learning professionals thinking beyond our current approaches to imagine how technology in 2020 and beyond will impact learning. David Rose, MIT media lab instructor, entrepreneur and author, painted an exciting picture of […]

See Our 2015 Learning and Remembering Survey Results

The results are in for our second annual Learning and Remembering Survey. We surveyed learning professionals throughout 2015 to find out what their top training priorities are… and what challenges they face. The survey has only two open-ended questions: “What do your learners need to remember to be successful in their jobs?” and “What challenges […]

Our Top 10 Training & Development Blog Posts from 2015

Trends! Tools! Technologies! There are adult learning and instructional design blogs galore that sing the praises of the “next big thing” in the training and development space… whatever it happens to be on a given day. We strive to do more with our Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru blogs. Of course, we do discuss current […]

Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

2015 was the year of the webinar for us. We teamed up with three of our favorite industry partners, Chief Learning Officer, LTEN and Training Magazine Network, to present webinars on a variety of training and learning topics. Many of the webinars also have a supporting resource, such as a white paper, project sample, or lookbook, to go along […]

3 Types of Analysis that Improve Training Outcomes

Your executive team tells you that the sales reps you manage needs soft skills training. They are unhappy after last quarter’s sales results and this quarter’s pipeline is equally disappointing. Everyone agrees that something isn’t working. But you aren’t so sure that soft skills training will fix the whole problem. What if training isn’t the […]

How to Ace Learning Technology Implementation

You’re ready to take the leap. The new XYZ learning technology is going to “Wow” your learners and you carefully aligned it with business outcomes. Your pilot group responded well to the new technology and it’s time to launch it company-wide. You know that the learning content is instructionally sound and employees will probably even […]

Bottom-Line Performance Wins Four 2015 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Bottom-Line Performance partnered with clients to win four 2015 Brandon Hall Excellence awards. BLP received recognition for its unique approaches to learning, use of games and its ability to design blended learning curriculums with many different types of solutions that drive learner success. BLP and Roche Diagnostics partnered to win two awards: Bronze in Best […]