BLP Presentations at Annual CIASTD Conference

We’ll be presenting two breakout sessions at this year’s annual CIASTD conference. If you’re in the Indy area, I encourage you to register for the conference and plan on meeting us there! The sessions we’re presenting are:

Better, Faster, Smarter: Using templates and management techniques to efficiently design and develop e-learning

  • Tired of e-learning projects that take too long to design and develop?
  • Feel like you’re reinventing the wheel each time you create a new course?
  • Need help managing the expectations of subject-matter experts as well as course programmers and writers?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this session is for you. In the workshop, Shelby Watts and Jennifer Bertram will share what they learned on a recent project where they managed the concurrent design and development of 10 e-learning courses in a curriculum.


Beyond Page Turning: Which technologies should you choose?

Presented by Gayle Beebe, Lisa Meece, and Sharon Boller, you’ll:

1. Explore an array of technologies and social networks and assess
the pro’s and con’s of each as a learning tool.

2. Identify key considerations when deciding whether to incorporate a
new technology or tool.

3. Identify a process for exploring and evaluating a new technology.

4. Leave with an evaluation matrix that will help them do ongoing
evaluations as new technologies and tools emerge.