Build Your Own Twitter

I came across a great new service, similar to Ning. It allows you to create your own microblog. Basically, it’s a “build your own” Twitter. ShoutEm allows you build a public or private microblog network, that you can connect to your Facebook account, a Ning site, or even Twitter. Now you have 140 characters to craft your own community. And, of course, it’s free.

This would be a great tool for groups focused on one topic. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Благодарю за статью! подпишусь на рсс!

  • I have been down to that site but it was a while ago. They had a sign wanting to build a bridge or staircase to get down where the body was actually found. This story took my heart. I just finished up with the Casey Anthony case being on and glad this did not happen around here. Then I hear this. I drive that way to go to Monroe County Community College and from the first day I heard about Nevaeh I knew she was by or in that body of water. i would go over the brige off of Telegraph and say she is there some where. I got the creeps when they found her there. I have a 5 yr. old boy and an almost 8 yr. old boy. Let me say they are not even allowed out front without me or an adult with them. I have some friends that live out that way and I for sure will not let my kids outside there. There is a murdreer out there in the most horrible way. How could someone kill her like that? She was a cute little girl with a life ahead of her. She did not choose her family. If this would happen to me I would have been arrested for neglect. You do not leave a 5 year old child outside by themselves let alone anywhere else. Where were all of the other kids parents at that were playing out there too? Noone seen one thing of who took her. My friend that lives out there took me to that site. Our kids were with us and they were so scared of that drop down the hill where they found her. It was not the most convient place to put her. What gets me is that noone seen or heard a thing. She just disappears. Then was she riding a scooter or a bike? The media has used both, do they even know what really happened? Why have they not found this sicko. I am scared for the children in this neighborhood. This person could strike again. This was the worst way possible for her to have died. Her family that neglected her should be found guilty, if they were watching her this person could never have taken her and everyone would have known where she was. I have an ex that has not seen his kids in 4 yrs. I could see him coming over to find them, but what right at that time do they really have. He was never there for the kid.