Comply, Engage, Amaze

How to Make Regulatory Training Matter

You must create training so your organization can comply with complex regulations. Unfortunately, those regulations often make it hard to create an ideal learning experience. Employees tune out of compliance training as soon as they see a “Next” button or PowerPoint slide.  Sometimes, regulations mandate the exact opposite of what is optimal!

This session is a case study of how The Mosaic Company redesigned its mandatory new hire and annual refresher training program to focus on key safety behaviors and connect to organizational objectives while complying with numerous regulatory requirements. You will learn how to creatively work within constraints and connect compliance training with business needs while creating an engaging learning environment. Participants will leave with five takeaways for designing a compliance curriculum that meets both organizational and compliance objectives.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:

Determine the best ways to use regulatory constraints creatively and incorporate engaging learning techniques into your training.

Recognize how to gamify content, no matter how dry or technical.

Identify the connection between regulatory requirements and high-level business objectives.

Describe strategies for managing external stakeholders effectively and keeping your training design on track.

About Bottom-Line Performance

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