#DevLearn Edition of #TalkTech: Big Changes for Apple, MOOCs in Education and Jon Landau’s Presentation at DevLearn

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The bosses are in Vegas for DevLearn and they left me, the intern, in charge of #TalkTech. Luckily there’s been plenty of tech drama and excitement this week for those of us still at home, so let’s chat!

Topic 1: What’s next for Apple?

Browett and Forstall are leaving Apple.

Browett and Forstall are leaving Apple.

Somebody call Perez Hilton, because Apple is at the forefront of celebrity gossip in the tech world this week. The company just announced Scott Forstall, iOS software chief and creator of Maps and Siri, and John Browett, head of retail, will be leaving. Forstall, known as “mini-Steve,” will be staying on until the end of the next year to serve as an adviser to CEO Tim Cook. Browett, who just took over in April, will be leaving before the holiday season. What is Mr. Cook’s plan for the company and how will it affect consumers’ perceptions and consumption of Apple products?

Big Changes for Apple

Topic 2: How will MOOCs impact learning and education?

Antioch University is the first college with a physical presence to offer Coursera massive open online courses (MOOCs) that will count for credit towards a bachelor’s degree. Online education is undergoing a transformation, according to Stanford professor and co-founder of Coursera, Daphne Koller. “A year ago, online education was something people would look at
as a not completely respectable form of education. Now it’s something which every institution is figuring out how to use and how quickly.” What are the benefits of MOOCs over traditional classes and how will they change education?

College Offers MOOCs for Credit

Topic 3: What’s your inspiration?

Jon Landau, producer of Titanic and Avatar, spoke at DevLearn.

Jon Landau, producer of Titanic and Avatar, spoke at DevLearn on Wednesday.

If you haven’t heard of Jon Landau, you’ve probably at least seen his blockbuster films. The producer of Titanic and Avatar spoke at DevLearn on Wednesday and gave a motivational presentation about making innovative, creative content with technology. Which of these notes caught your attention? What’s your inspiration for doing what you do?

Notes from DevLearn General Session with Jon Landau

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