How to Pilot Game Based Learning for Free

Convincing a bunch of people in suits that it’s a good idea to spend their company’s training budget on a game can sometimes be tricky. We’ve even dedicated a whole blog post to it. But the corporate environment is constantly evolving and every day more companies are embracing games as a way to not only train their employees, but to engage them. So now that games are becoming a more accepted part of the culture, there’s only one hurdle left: would our employees actually like the game we want them to play?

That’s an important question to ask, and it’s pretty hard to answer without actually trying it out. So that’s what we recommend you do, try it out—with the employees who are going to use it. The learners are the ultimate judge when it comes down to it. They are the ones who need to retain the information and use the game to help them in their day to day work. It only makes sense, then, that they should try the game out before you commit to the initiative.

A Live Trial

We created The Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard to let training and development professionals take full control over their content creation process, on top of keeping costs down and making it more affordable to blend games into their training. Since this is a brand new concept, we want to let people demo the product to show them how easy it is to use and how versatile it can be. But like I mentioned earlier, we aren’t only trying to convince the buyers, we’re also trying to convince the learners. That’s why you can make your trial live.

If you’re demoing the Knowledge Guru and building a game, you can set the game to live and have learners sign up to play. It’s really important to take advantage of this option. Make a demo game and sign up a few employees who will have to use the game if you end up purchasing. Have them play through it and give you feedback. That’s the best way to see if it’s a right fit for your organization.

Beyond Knowledge Guru

Piloting game based learning isn’t just about Knowledge Guru; it’s about educating an industry. We understand that games don’t work for every company or every situation. And we realize that despite the buzzwords, we’re still in the early phases of adopting games in the corporate training environment. But hopefully we’ve removed enough of the barriers to entry with this trial for industry professionals to see for themselves how game based learning works.

The studies are trickling in (check out this infographic of some of the research) but what we really need are more people actually trying out games for themselves. Use this opportunity to see if games really can engage your employees more. It’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to actually see it in action. If you do decide to try it out, don’t forget to check out our tutorial on using The Knowledge Guru and writing iterative questions. Game based learning only works if you build it right.

Click here if you want to test it out for yourself—happy gaming!