How We Cracked the QR Code

On Tuesday, February 28th, Bottom-Line Performance hosted “Cracking the QR Code,” an interactive scavenger hunt through Central Library in downtown Indianapolis. Yes, they still have a card catalog on the premises.

QR Codes at Central Library

Participants split up into teams of two and three and used QR readers on their smart phones to scan clues all over the library.

We learned that QR codes are a worthwhile training solution for orienting people to a new facility or building. The game-y aspect of the scavenger hunt was great for those who enjoy competition, but might not always be needed. We recommend maintaining a competitive element to a scavenger hunt to engage employees and make it fun.

There are also clearly plenty of situations where QR codes would be the WRONG solution. Any time that getting the QR reader out and scanning a code for information is more effort and trouble than simply retrieving the information another way would have been, it is a safe bet that there was a better option than QR codes.

One advantage to consider: point QR codes to a defined link and then simply change the content on the link as needed. You can share a wider range of content and make your QR codes especially effective by doing this.

We also learned that a time-sensitive scavenger hunt might not encourage participants to really take in their surroundings. If they are too busy trying to rush to the next clue, they may not get all of the benefits from the experience. Nancy Harkness, BLP’s VP of Learning Services, suggested a competition where participants would have to keep track of various things they noticed about their surroundings and the team with the most things would win. This would encourage taking in the surroundings more completely.

All in all, this was a fantastic event and a wonderful opportunity to explore a technology tool’s application in a corporate training environment. Have a look at the slides: