Learning Design

Learning Design

How We Work - Learning DesignTo design the best learning solution, we focus on the outcomes first, and content, second.

In the Learning Design phase, we start by focusing on the end: the outcomes that are the whole reason you’re investing in learning. The idea is to broaden your thinking. Clients frequently start by saying, “Here’s everything we need to tell learners.” We flip that and ask, “But what do you want learners to know, do, find, or believe? Does your content help achieve that?” By keeping your outcomes top-of-mind, it helps both you and us focus ONLY on the messages and learning solutions that most effectively lead your learners to those outcomes. Once we’ve identified the best learning solutions and planned the best approach, we’re ready for the Development phase.





Project Management
It begins the moment we meet and keeps your project on track.

We learn about you, your business, your wants, and your needs.

Learning Design
We choose your learning solution and devise a plan for creating it.

We follow the plan and build your learning solution.