Image Modifier

I don’t have Photoshop on my computer, so I appreciate tools that help me create impactful images. One of the newest tools I’ve found is BeFunky. The site allows you to upload any photo and stylize it for free.

I took a photo of a friend and I and applied the “Charcoalizer” style. I could see a whole course where the stock photography was run through this tool to create a special style of images. It might add some interest to some of the typical business men and women images that are so often used in training materials.

Which of these would you rather see in your materials?


Even if I had Photoshop, I’m not sure I would be savvy enough to convert my image into a cartoon-like drawing. And I’m sure I couldn’t do it in two minutes.

Do you have any other tools you use to modify images?

  • I recommend GIMP. GIMP is a photo editing software very similar to Photoshop except it is FREE.

  • Nice post. Learning photoshop was not that hard to figure out once I went through a couple good training courses.

  • What a tribute to Dilip Sa’ab, Amitji