The Right Tools (and Tech) for the Job

Ever notice that training tends to lag behind the latest web development trends? So did we. Our tech-savvy team stays ahead of what’s coming so we can build you the latest and greatest tools before the rest of the industry knows they’re here.

But we also understand that cutting edge is not always the right answer. Sometimes, the right solution is an instructor-led session or pocket-sized reference guide. We’ll work with you to understand your learners and design solutions that work best for them.


Broadly defined, eLearning includes all forms of electronic learning and teaching. There are a variety of tools for creating eLearning solutions, and too often they overshadow the challenge of creating meaningful eLearning solutions that do more than just “throw” content at learners.

It’s why we always start with your desired outcome. We’ll chat with you to better understand the problem you need to solve and what you want learners to DO and KNOW. Then we partner with you and your subject matter experts to design and develop a solution that achieves those outcomes. Our goal is to make your solution meaningful, memorable, and motivating to your learners.

Games & Gamification

Everyone loves a good game… especially us. In fact, Sharon Boller (our company president) gives workshops on game design with Dr. Karl Kapp throughout the United States.

We believe in the power of games and simulations, and we’ve created engaging, dynamic games on a broad array of topics, including everything from building evacuation to virtual teaming to formulation types. We involve you every step of the way, starting with a “Game Design Workshop” that yields the first working prototype, followed by various rounds of play testing and modification. By the end, the only thing left to do is play and learn.

Mobile Learning

There’s no question that mobile technology has become an integral part of many people’s daily routines. But did you know that the typical consumer uses an app for about 10 days, and then forgets about it? It’s why you need to think carefully about what your employees will need and use before you invest in building it.

So we’re careful to consult with you and consider whether or not mobile makes sense for your goals. We’ll talk with you about what mobile really means for you. Do your people use Smartphones, tablets, or both? If mobile makes sense for you, then we consider what format best suits you, such as a web app, a native app, an ePub, a game, or a course. Thoughtful questions from us at the onset of your project ensure we match your mLearning needs with the right solution.


The key to a great video isn’t so much what you do during the shoot, but rather what you do before it. It’s all about preproduction. And when we follow the principles of instructional design in preproduction, we can create videos your learners love.

When you work with us, we make sure video shoots happen without a hitch. We plan them, schedule them, and ensure everything comes together in editing—especially your message.

Blending it all together

The truth is, most training needs are simply too big for a single solution. That’s why many of the solutions we design and develop are part of a large blended learning curriculum with multiple objectives. We work with you to identify what learners need to “know cold” vs “find and locate” and decide the best blend of solutions for your learners. Then, we’ll uncover ways to reinforce key concepts across multiple different solutions.

We’re proud of our success partnering with clients to create blended learning. In fact, our blended learning curriculums won three Brandon Hall excellence awards in 2015.

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