What IS mLearning?

(We have created an 8-part comprehensive report containing a series of two-to-three page “briefs.” This is part 1: What is mLearning? If you would like to see the collection in its entirety, click here.) mLearning is THE biggest buzzword and topic of conversation within learning functions inside organizations and in academia. But what, exactly, is […]

Mobile Learning Examples & Promise They Offer

I am constantly amazed by how much I do on my cell phone—read emails, send texts, take photos, play games, access the Internet—all of which make using a desktop computer seem less and less necessary. In fact, it’s entirely possible (and likely) that you are reading this blog post from your own personal smartphone. We […]

Tech Quick Look: Do You Believe the Hype?

Regardless of where you might personally fall in the “Flash: Good or Bad” debate, there has been little argument that a quality toolset for taking advantage of alternatives like HTML5/CSS/Javascript has been woefully missing in our collective web developer’s tool belt. Crafting dynamic and effective solutions for mobile learning today has required a significant amount […]

Tech Quick Look: Video Mirroring

You’ve no doubt heard by now that the folks at Apple are releasing the iPad 2 this month. Given its success in the past year, it’s not surprising that the updates are more subtle, iterating on the initial design. While the addition of cameras has got the lion’s share of the attention, one feature that […]

Could you live on $1000/month? Learning Games with a Cause

A homeless organization in North Carolina, Urban Ministries of Durham, recently created an online learning game to help people understand the challenges of living at the poverty line.  “Spent” is a great game that very easily engages you and helps you realize the challenges of working a minimum wage job. Check it out: http://playspent.org/ While […]

Tech Quick Look: The shrinking social world…

The following infographic by Vincenzo Cosenza does a great job of showing how Facebook is becoming the dominant social network across the world. While Twitter and LinkedIn are also making strides, Facebook growth has been much more rapid.  In the 132 countries analyzed, it is the market leader in 115, replacing localized, previously dominant rivals. […]