Sharepoint for Learning and Communication: How can corporate learning and development staff use it more effectively?

Confession time: I like reality shows, especially those that show personal transformations. One of the shows I catch occasionally is Hoarders on A&E. It’s a fascinating look at people who can’t get rid of the stuff in their house…and has the side benefit of motivating me to pick up the house! What does Hoarders have […]

Mobile Learning: No iPhone required

As Lisa previously posted, several of us went to the annual SALT conference at the beginning of March. Some of the sessions I was most interested in were the ones on mobile learning. I haven’t ever used my cell to actually learn anything and was interested to see what others in the field were doing […]

A New Idea in Preventing E-Learning Dropouts

We’ve all been there at some point- trying to painfully complete some online course that is really, just plain awful. I can’t tell you how many times I had to just leave an e-learning course on Sarbanes -Oxley. Alas, I managed to read just enough to answer the knowledge checks and get on with life […]

Outstart’s ForceTen: Tips on using the e-learning authoring tool

What is “Outstart’s ForceTen?” Outstart is a company who bought out Eedo the company who originally owned ForceTen which is an LCMS (Learning Content Management System) authoring tool. Got it? We have been using ForceTen for a little over a year now for a client, and have gone through some “ForceTen growing pains” and thought […]

Interesting Concept in Text Books

I was reading the New York Times (on my iPhone, not the actual paper) and I stumbled across this article. Publishers are creating new digitial text books that allow professors and teachers to edit the books. Interesting concept! And, as any college student will tell you, fantastically cheap! The digital editions run around $50 vs. […]

Spring Cleaning

Today I did something that I haven’t done in a really long time – I took a stroll around the neighborhood. I’m in the midwest United States so it hasn’t exactly been strolling weather. But today, there are signs of spring.  I can’t wait to get out in the yard, start the garden, and grill […]