Outstart’s ForceTen: Tips on using the e-learning authoring tool

What is “Outstart’s ForceTen?” Outstart is a company who bought out Eedo the company who originally owned ForceTen which is an LCMS (Learning Content Management System) authoring tool. Got it? We have been using ForceTen for a little over a year now for a client, and have gone through some “ForceTen growing pains” and thought […]

Interesting Concept in Text Books

I was reading the New York Times (on my iPhone, not the actual paper) and I stumbled across this article. Publishers are creating new digitial text books that allow professors and teachers to edit the books. Interesting concept! And, as any college student will tell you, fantastically cheap! The digital editions run around $50 vs. […]

Spring Cleaning

Today I did something that I haven’t done in a really long time – I took a stroll around the neighborhood. I’m in the midwest United States so it hasn’t exactly been strolling weather. But today, there are signs of spring.  I can’t wait to get out in the yard, start the garden, and grill […]

Helping Your SMEs Help You

I love working with SMEs. (OK, most of the time I love working with SMEs. But really, I only love working with people in general most of the time.) Subject matter experts are great because they’re subject matter experts. I get to learn stuff from them. Sometimes, it’s cool stuff, and sometimes it’s just mildly […]

Creating a good elearning or ILT course: Getting SMEs to think about outcomes

So…anyone can create a course, right? But…very few people actually create GOOD courses that truly train people to do something. If you are tasked with creating a course on a technical topic…and you have to rely on a subject matter expert (SME) to help you create this course, you need to get your SME to […]