Mobile Learning Analyst RJ Jacquez to guest host #TalkTech chat on mLearning, HTML5, and more.

We are pleased to announce that our friend and colleague RJ Jacquez (@rjacquez) will be guest hosting our weekly #TalkTech chat this Thursday, May 17th at 3 pm EST. RJ is a former Senior Evangelist for Adobe who now spends his time as a Mobile Learning Analyst and consultant. His blog, The m-Learning Revolution Blog, is a highly regarded resource for the latest in mLearning news, trends, and analysis. He also actively shares mLearning information via his Facebook Page.

Our staff has had many a great conversation with RJ on Twitter and the relationship is yet another example of how powerful social media can be for connecting like-minded professionals within their fields. Be sure to follow RJ on Twitter and tune in at 3 pm on Thursday as he will post three articles and topics on Mobile Web Apps, the move to HTML5-based apps over native, and the rise of enterprise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs for us to discuss. Just use the #TalkTech hashtag to participate. More on this week’s topics:

1. The emergence of mobile web apps and what it means: The Age of Mobile Web Apps Dawns – .Net Magazine
2. New Trend? From Native Apps to HTML-5 based Apps: You’ll never believe how LinkedIn built its new iPad app (exclusive) – VentureBeat and Web journey complete, FT switching off iOS app — paidContent.

3. Enterprise Bring Your Own Device and what it means to mLearning: Learn more via the Youtube video Key Market Trends: Enterprise BYOD: IDC’s Steve Drake.

#TalkTech is a weekly chat on emerging trends in technology and how they relate to learning and design. We post the first topic at 3 pm and allow about ten minutes for open discussion, then do the same for the other two topics. Follow @BLPIndy on Twitter to stay up to date on #TalkTech and participate in the weekly chat.

As always, we will be posting a transcript of this week’s chat on Storify. We find it helpful to go back and reference the key points and ideas that participants have shared.