New Tool – External Brain

Thank you, Cammy Bean for introducing me to this great tool! Evernote is a program that bills itself as your way to remember everything. So far, I agree! It allows you to insert screen captures, websites, documents, and images. I can even upload items from my iPhone. 

I’ve only been testing the program for a few days, but I’ve found myself loving it’s search capablility. It even reads my horrible handwritting! So suddenly my two weekly to-do list that I used to post to Outlook, and of course, my old-fashioned white board, are now in one place. All I had to do was take a picture of the white board with my phone and upload to my site. And I copied the list from the desktop right over into the program. When I search for “to-do,” both lists appear! AMAZING!

Evernote promotes their ability to house your business cards electronically, which seems like a great feature I need to try. I know this tool will help me with project management and just keeping some of the day-to-day information archived for easy search and retrieval. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Very cool! I haven’t tried the handwriting test yet. Glad to know it works. Keep us posted on other ways you find it useful. The To-Do list sounds great.