Knowledge Guru

Knowledge Guru

Knowledge Guru game-based learning platformResearch shows that learning games are more engaging and effective than other forms of training… but they are also expensive and tough to produce well. Most organizations do not have millions of dollars available to create a game, or game designers on staff. That’s why we built Knowledge Guru. It’s a game engine that focuses on building long-term memory of facts, procedures and processes. It ensure effectiveness, it is designed around three proven tactics for retaining information over time: spaced learning, repetition and immediate feedback. Use the Game Creation Wizard to build your own games, or have us build a game for you. Visit our Knowledge Guru website to learn more.

Awards for Knowledge Guru

Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology

Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application

Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning

2013 Horizon Interactive Awards – Games,

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Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform


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