Recently on the Learning Game Design Blog: GBL Picks, LGD Series Part 8, and Game Design Workshop

We know that many of you reading this blog are just as excited about game based learning and gamification as we are. From the beginning we recognized that games were the future of eLearning, even if it was difficult to get corporate higher ups to admit that fun can be good for business. As part of our ongoing advocation of games for learning, we launched the Learning Game Design Blog—which has already made a few crossover appearances in our articles.

Well, we want to continue promoting games as much as possible! So we’ve decided to use our Saturday posts to give updates on the Learning Game Design Blog, to let you know what posts went up this week and what things are happening in the world of games.


Recent posts on the Learning Game Design Blog

GBL Picks: Being an Advocate for Games, 7 Great Games, and Games for Social/Emotional Learning

As part of an ongoing series called GBL Picks, we curate a few game based learning resources to help spread the word on how games are being used for learning, their successes, and general trends in the industry. This week we have a list of 5 simple things educators can do to promote games, 7 great educational apps and games, and in-depth research on video games as they pertain to social and emotional learning.

Learning Game Design Series, Part 8: Dump ADDIE; Iterate Instead

Last week Sharon Boller published part 8 in her Learning Game Design Series. This post focuses on the iterative design process required to create an effective learning game. If you’re used to an approved design document, two drafts, and a final, then you’re going to get frustrated. Designing a game requires a lot of play testing, tweaking, and iterating—there’s no way around it. This post walks you through several iterations of a learning game we’re creating here at BLP.

August Learning Game Design Workshop Recap

Finally, we recently held a successful game design workshop here in Indianapolis and you can find the full recap here. Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp partnered up to provide an in-depth, hands-on workshop that showed participants exactly how to design an effective learning game—as well as best practices for a successful launch at your organization. See the powerpoint presentation from the workshop and read about the paper prototypes that were built. The Play to Learn workshop will also be offered at the Devlearn conference this year if you wish to attend!

So that’s what’s been happening on the Learning Game Design Blog. Don’t forget to check out our Game Based Learning Infographic and our List of 100 Game Based Learning Resources! If you like what you’ve read, be sure to bookmark the blog and spread the word.