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Avoid the BBPs

When Roche Diagnostics asked us to revamp their annual Bloodborne Pathogen training, we recommended a game-based approach to eLearning. With a topic as important as avoiding BBP exposure, the content needed to come alive.


Roche Diagnostics


Bloodeborne Pathogen training must be delivered annually at Roche for compliance purposes. Roche wanted to make the new course fun for learners so they would retain the content and learn the basics of avoiding BBP exposure.


  • Created a game-based eLearning course that combines story, aesthetics, levels, and achievements.
  • Used fun animations and off-the-wall graphics to portray the BBPs as colorful bad guys, complete with a menacing cackle.
  • Built in a test-out feature so veteran employees who know BBP procedures cold can take the post-test and get certified quickly.



Avoid the BBPs was awarded “Best Game-Based Solution” at the 2013 DevLearn Demofest based on the votes of over 1,000 participants.

It also won a Silver Award for Training / E-Learning in the 2014 Horizon Interactive Awards.