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Global Product Launch Training Curriculum

A life science company wanted to make its sales reps capable and competent. We worked with them to create a three-phased launch with easy-to-access performance support tools and engaging pre-work.


Life Science Company


Launch country representatives, including marketing managers and sales trainers, needed to support sales representatives as they sold the product.

Sales representatives needed to be capable and confident in their ability to sell the product successfully to customers in their market.


    We used our product launch framework to create a curriculum that included:
  • Online Prework consisting of videos and eLearning courses
  • Instructor-Led Training with a mobile device game, a hands-on “DemoFest,” and introduction to performance support tools.
  • Online performance support tools including a “Knowledge Finder” app


  • Sales reps were excited by the training, especially the smart phone game.
  • After the pilot, the project manager said: “At this point I want to say a huge well done and thank you to BLP. I really feel that this is coming together now and we will have a great set of launch meetings and lots of well trained and motivated sales reps!”
  • The lead facilitator and product launch subject matter expert shared: “I would like to echo what was said before: You guys have done a tremendous job! This is going to be an outstanding training. To this day I have not seen something comparable.”
  • Launch countries invited to the pilot have chosen to use the materials, translating the global versions with minimal customizations.