Sneak Peek: Knowledge Guru Question Creation Wizard for Gamification

It’s amazing what you learn standing in a trade show booth.

When we launched our Knowledge Guru game engine at DevLearn in October 2012, we knew we were bringing something new to the market. There would be questions, needs, and requirements from customers that we had never anticipated. Features we planned to implement in the future could be rapidly escalated in importance if a few show goers ask about them. Guess what? We were right!

The Knowledge Guru game engine

We were reaffirmed by the general interest in the Knowledge Guru game engine. Its value proposition is pretty obvious:

  • It’s a learning solution that helps learners learn facts quickly in a fun environment.
  • It’s a high-end learning solution at a mid range price. For the business results it delivers, it has serious bang for the buck.
  • It uses repetition and spaced learning to ensure learners remember for the long term.
  • The backend admin dashboard has in-depth tracking and makes it easy to provide just-in-time performance support for topics learners struggle with.
  • The Guru is fun! He’s a cute character and the game format is far more enjoyable than your run of the mill eLearning course. Learners will appreciate the change of pace.

Even though we publicly launched the game in October, we had already pre-sold games to clients. We’ve now created several Knowledge Guru games and each one has been well received. We’re happy with the initial response to the solution, but we want to make what we are offering even better. We want to meet the real needs of Learning and Development folks with this solution and give them something that really helps them improve performance. Doing that means answering the single question that came up again and again in our DevLearn Expo booth:

“Can I write my own questions?”

Soon and very soon the answer will be YES!

Knowledge Guru Creation Creation Wizard Wireframe

We are currently smack dab in the middle of developing a new DIY question creation and editing wizard for our Knowledge Guru games. What will this mean?

  • Clients will be able to tweak and update their own content after the game has been created.
  • In-house instructional design teams will be able to use their existing resources to write their learning objectives and Knowledge Guru questions instead of having us do it for them.
  • We will offer loads of support and tutorials to teach instructional designers how to write questions that work with the spaced learning and repetition principles in the game engine.
  • If you still want us to create the content for you, the question creation process will allow us to be faster and more efficient at doing so.

The end result will be a product that meets the needs of a much broader customer base. We’re already happily providing Knowledge Guru games to large organizations who want the convenience of a vendor providing instructional design services to support the product. Soon, we’ll also be offering a solution to smaller instructional design teams with limited resources who just need the product and want to handle the instructional design themselves.

By spending the time talking to learning pros at DevLearn, we learned that do it yourself question writing for Knowledge Guru was not just another item on our wish list… it needed to be our number one priority for 2013. We are currently spending time at the Training 2013 Conference and Expo in Orlando, and I’m sure we will leave with even more new ideas for the Guru.

Here’s another look at the Question Creation Wizard wire frames. Brandon Penticuff, lead developer of the Knowledge Guru game engine, created these using Omnigraffle. If you want to get nerdy and ask him about using Omnigraffle, send him a tweet!

Keep in mind, Brandon just created this shot to demonstrate the planned functionality. Note that the graphic in the background has not been set up yet. It’s just a placeholder.

Knowledge Guru Question Creation Wizard - Editor

As you can see, this is going to be really, really cool. We’ll be launching the Wizard add-on to Knowledge Guru in May at the ASTD International Conference.

In the meantime, we are hosting a free webinar on how to use games and gamification for learning. You can learn more about that and register here.