BLP Client TE Connectivity Wins ECIA Marketing Award for Mobile Game


INDIANAPOLIS, 12/13/2016, Bottom-Line Performance (BLP) announced today that TE Town, a mobile game BLP created for TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, won the “2016 Best Sales Tools – Channel Partner Engagement” marketing award from ECIA. This winning solution was announced at this year’s ECIA Executive Conference.

To be successful, TE’s global sales team and distributors need a broad understanding of the primary customer types they serve, and the connectivity and sensor products these customers require. TE Town helps distributors learn about their customers right from their smartphones, and view applicable products for each customer so they can position the right products with the right customers.

“TE is continually looking for creative ways to equip our sales team and distributors to serve our customers” said Maria Cannon, vice president of channel marketing at TE. “TE’s vision for an interactive game partnered with BLP’s design expertise created a tool that serves our team in a way that is different from standard training tools. TE Town demonstrates our commitment to innovation.”

“Games are a powerful tool for helping people learn and remember,” said Sharon Boller, president of BLP. “TE’s Channel marketing team understands this and embraced the use of games to support their educational efforts. We are grateful to TE for the opportunity to design and develop TE Town. Their vision for what this game could be enabled us to have an amazing partnership that led to an award-worthy result.”

The ECIA Marketing Awards recognize the electrical manufacturing industry’s outstanding marketing initiatives. Entries were evaluated by a group of professionals from Penton Media, the ECIA Board of Directors and advertising agencies. Over 150 entries were submitted that covered nine different categories.

About TE Connectivity:

TE Connectivity is a $12 billion global technology leader. Our connectivity and sensor solutions are essential in today’s increasingly connected world. We collaborate with engineers to transform their concepts into creations — redefining what’s possible using intelligent, efficient and high-performing TE products and solutions proven in harsh environments. Our 75,000 people, including over 7,000 engineers, partner with customers in close to 150 countries across a wide range of industries. We believe EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS.

TE Connectivity, TE and EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS are trademarks.

About Bottom-Line Performance:

For over 21 years, BLP has partnered with its clients to design and develop the right learning solutions for their business needs.

BLP Adds ‘Drive’ Adaptive Learning App to the Knowledge Guru Platform


BLP customers and Knowledge Guru subscribers got the big scoop last week on our Fall 2016 release of Knowledge Guru. But now, it’s time to tell the world: we’ve just added a new app called Drive to the Knowledge Guru platform.

Remind me again: what is Knowledge Guru?

We’re glad we asked. Knowledge Guru is a platform of apps that use game-based learning, adaptive learning and microlearning to increase knowledge retention and improve performance. Learning science built into the platform helps learners say and do the right thing at the right time, in situations when remembering really matters.

We use Knowledge Guru to add engaging training experiences and effective reinforcement into the curriculums we create for our clients in a fast, cost-effective way. We also have a growing base of subscribers who have internal training teams that use Knowledge Guru for a variety of training needs.

Our new video has a full description of the platform:


Ok, got it. Now, what about Drive?

Knowledge Guru Drive is a training reinforcement tool for sales reps, and it will be added to our Knowledge Guru customers’ existing subscriptions. We’re already piloting Drive with some of our custom services clients.


Built for Sales Reps


Many of our Knowledge Guru customers use the platform to train sales reps. Drive is for them: it includes a variety of minigames specifically designed to teach topics like comparing against competitors, objection handling, features and benefits, and responding to customer questions.

Adaptive Learning


Sales reps take a short confidence assessment the first time they open Drive. As they play minigames, Drive compares reps’ perceived confidence against their actual performance on your training topics and customizes their experience accordingly to help them achieve mastery.



Knowledge Guru Drive was designed with busy sales reps in mind. The app delivers reps a “Daily 3” of minigames that take about five minutes to play. If they have more time, they can hone their skills in the practice area.

Engaging Minigames


Drive’s minigames are simple, elegant and fun. Clients who have piloted Drive have commented that “even our kids would think this is cool.” That’s high praise, and we’ll take it.

Mobile-first Experience


Drive is available as a smartphone app in the iOS and Android stores. While reps can play it on the web on most devices, it was designed from the ground up as a smartphone experience.

Personal Stats


Drive is like a fitness tracker for training content. As reps progress, they get detailed personal stats on their perceived confidence versus their actual performance on each learning objective.

Simple Creation and Editing

Like all Knowledge Guru apps, Drive comes with a game creation wizard that is easy to use. Trainers can quickly create, edit and launch Drive experiences with our web-based authoring tool.

Access the Launch Webinar

We officially launched Drive at DevLearn 2016 in Las Vegas on November 16. If you couldn’t make it to DevLearn, you can still watch the Drive launch session via webinar. We held a public session on Tuesday, December 6th and the recording is now available for all.

If you’re already a BLP client or Knowledge Guru customer, check your inbox. We sent you an invite to a private webinar just for clients.