Awesome New Search Tool

I found this search tool completely by accident last week. Middlespot is geared to researchers and functions in a way that is very different from Google. First, it organizes my past searches so that I can see them listed out every time I go to website. Then, it shows the search results two ways, as a list on the left and screen grabs on the right.

But perhaps my favorite feature is the Workpad. It saves the links from my search that I select, allows me to add additional links that I already know, and make comments on what I place in the workpad. That way, I can note what it was that I liked about the link. I find when I typically bookmark items, I sometimes forget why I thought I wanted to go back to them. The notes really help me track what I liked.

Check it out and let me know if you convert from Google!

Tool to Check Content

Have you ever received information from a SME and wondered where it came from? I’ve worked on a project that included more than 20 volunteer Subject Matter Experts and covered topics ranging from sales proposals to customer service. And while all of the SMEs contributed great information, some of them could not always remember what article they had found the information they were now passing on to me.

I wish I had known about this tool during that project! The Plagerism Checker does exactly what the name implies, check for plagerized content. It was designed to allow teachers to check their student’s work, but I’ve found it can help me double-check my SMEs and their content.

I ran a test using some information that I know came from a specific website, and the checker found it on the first try. I did find that it needed a substantail amount of text to analyze. I first tried submitting only a paragraph and I got an error message asking me to use more of the paper or essay I was trying to check. Test it out and tell me what you think!

Something Fun for the Week

I know I’m going to spend way too much time using this week’s tool. I had a colleague send me this. She received it from Elliott Masie‘s e-newsletter and I have to admit, he’s found something really entertaining and educational. For those of you who know your Myers-Briggs score, you can now find out the scores of your favorite blogs and websites using Typealyzer.

Just for fun, I ran Microsoft. The site came back as ESTJ, or Gaurdians, which basically means organized and efficient. So of course, I then ran Apple. That site came back as ESTP, or Doers, a more playful, entergetic and slightly hyper-active personality. I’m not saying it’s a perfect match, but it was interesting that each company did recieve a different profile.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I also ran our BLP LOL Blog. We came back as INTJ or Scientists. I’m not sure I completely agree with all aspects of the description, but it definitely has some bit of truth.

Try your website or blog and let me know what you think of your results!