#TalkTech Guest Host RJ Jacquez Discusses Benefits of “Flipped” Approach to Twitter Chats in Weekly Podcast

#TalkTech, BLP’s weekly Twitter chat on all things learning and technology related, has become one of our favorite weekly events. On 5/17/2012, we turned the controls over to RJ Jacquez, an mLearning analyst and former Senior Evangelist for Adobe. RJ did an excellent job curating content and leading our discussion. It felt like we had our own guest speaker!

In his weekly mLearning podcast with Robert Gadd and Mayra Aixa Villar, RJ shared his thoughts on #TalkTech and offered some high praises for the “flipped” approach. We maximize the learning by allowing participants to submit articles and topics throughout the week. We then pick three and post them out a few hours before the chat to give participants time to prepare. RJ describes his experience hosting #TalkTech in the audio clip below.

As RJ mentioned in his podcast, the Twitter chat proves to be an excellent tool for organizations to share ideas and interact. In the past, we would have needed to reserve a conference room or host a call….now we can just gather on Twitter. An added benefit to this approach is the additional insight of thought leaders beyond the organization, such as RJ.

The episode goes on to offer great information on the BYOD movement and some other great topics. You can hear the podcast in its entirety here.