The BLP Way

Clients say it’s the way we treat them like partners. Team members say it’s how our company philosophy allows them to do their best work. The right learning solution is the end goal of everything we do… but we think the process that gets us there is just as important. That’s the BLP Way.

The BLP Way is all about finding, designing, and creating a learning solution that’s right for your business and right for your learners. And we get there in four simple steps.


Analysis is critical and typically underrated. It’s a process where we raise all of the important questions about your situation and answer them together. The goal is to come to a mutual understanding not only about your wants, needs, and goals, but also those of your learners.

During Analysis, we take large quantities of information and distill it down into the most essential components. Our analytic abilities draw praise from clients who rely on us to analyze their current state and create meaningful learning outcomes.

Simply put, Analysis is the step where we get to know you. By fully understanding your situation, we ensure that we design learning solutions that produce only the results you need.

Learning Design

In the Learning Design phase, we start by focusing on the end: the outcomes you hope to achieve by investing in training. We use a highly customized design approach to get to the heart of your needs and involve stakeholders in the process.

We use an interactive design workshop to quickly discover how your desired outcomes connect to what learners need to know, do, believe, or avoid doing. Then, we customize and design solutions to meet those needs based on sound instructional design principles.

Our design approach helps you focus on your end goal… instead of the content or the tools. By keeping your outcomes top-of-mind, we can focus only on the messages and learning solutions that most effectively lead your learners to those outcomes.


With our multi-talented development team, we build all of your learning solutions in-house. It means you can feel confident knowing that a single team understands the goals of your project and collaborates to ensure your learning solutions are built according to plan.

Our agile development approach allows us to deal with change as it comes, provide our clients with flexibility, and let creative ideas emerge. It leads to a better learning solution: you will see prototypes and iterations along the way and have plenty of opportunity to provide feedback. By the time we reach a finished draft, nothing is a surprise.

We have an array of technical tools that we can use to produce your materials including custom code, authoring tools, and video editing. Our talented team uses these tools to creates courses, code apps, design games, shoot and animate video, and so much more.

Project Management

Our seamless approach to project management is ultimately what keeps our entire process together. It also ensures that you’re part of what’s happening from start to finish. It’s what differentiates us from other learning design firms — something our clients remind us of time and time again.

We keep you informed with regular meetings and discussions to review the progress of your learning solutions. We keep you connected with Basecamp—a web-based project management tool that enables us to communicate, share files, and track milestones from anywhere. And our project managers help keep you organized, scheduled, and comfortable, always encouraging you to share your feedback about our work and your experience with us.

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