This Week on #TalkTech: eLearning and mLearning Trends, Deloitte and Gamification and Gamified Freelance Work

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Happy New Year, and welcome back to TalkTech! We use this chat to discuss the latest trends in eLearning, mobile learning, game based learning, gamification, and more. We especially love sharing our excitement for the latest apps and gadgets.

Topic 1: What big eLearning and mLearning predictions DIDN’T happen in 2012, and where do you see things going in 2013?

Reality Check for eLearning and mLearning

Every year about this time, we have blogs and articles aplenty to sift through with bold predictions for the coming year. Mobile was supposed to take over the corporate learning world in 2012, but many companies were not quite ready yet. Every organization was supposed to be filling their learning and development with games and engaging simulations, but CLO magazine tells us 86% of companies are still investing heavily in traditional, “click next” eLearning. BLP President Sharon Boller did some myth busting of her own on the BLP blog in December, sharing 6 truths about what is really happening in training today. What do you think? What big trends and buzz words failed to materialize in 2012? Do you have any bold predictions for 2013?

What’s REALLY Going On? 6 Truths About Training in 2012

Topic 2: How can Deloitte’s effort to gamify their learning be used as a model for other companies?

Maybe games and mobile have not completely changed the way eLearning is done, but they are certainly making a big splash at many large companies. Deloitte recently gamified their entire online learning curriculum, giving employees badges and achievements for completing training. Take a look at how Deloitte is approaching gamification and discuss how this approach can be used and even improved for other organizations.

How Deloitte Made Learning a Game

Topic 3: Can gamified jobs and tasks change the way we think about assigning work?
Gigwalk - gamified work
Startups like Gigwalk allow individuals and companies to post “Gigs:” individual tasks and jobs that they will pay a set amount for. Users can browse the Gigs and take tasks that fit their skill set while earning points and badges in the community. A similar service called PeoplePerHour allows user to post tasks they are willing to complete along with a price. Users are free to browse and “hire” individuals for tasks they need completed.

The same approach that is working for freelance workers could also be applied within a company. Imagine an internal board with “Gigs” posted for miscellaneous tasks that need completed. Employees could also post individual tasks they are willing and able to complete ad hoc (“I can create a customize spreadsheet”). The entire team would be earning points, badges, and possibly even real-life rewards for providing extra help to colleagues. Could this type of gamification work in the workplace? Let us know what you think!

As Mobile Work Rises, 9 – 5 Jobs Decline

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