This Week on #TalkTech: Gamified Chores for Kids, Rethinking Medical Records and HTML 5 Design Ideas

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We’re shaking things up in 2013 here at #TalkTech! Every couple of weeks, a guest curator will be picking our topics and leading the discussion. Not much will change format-wise… we’ll still publish the weekly post here and the topics will still be tweeted by @BLPIndy, but a guest curator (besides yours truly) will pick the topics and be ready to lead the conversation during the chat. If you are interested in being a guest curator for TalkTech, let me know!

This week’s guest curator is Kristen Hewett, Senior Learning Designer at BLP. You should probably follow her on Twitter, because she’s really awesome.

Topic 1: What job tasks might a simple game motivate your learners to complete?

Choremonster - Gamified Chore App

There really is an app for everything. This new iPhone app out of Cincinnati is another way for parents to help get their children to do their chores. The quick demo in the video is good, but be sure to check out the interview notes in the article to see what the app developers have found about what motivates the kids to complete the gamified chores. What job tasks might a simple game motivate your learners to complete?

Cincinnati Startup Choremonster makes Chores Fun

Topic 2: How can medical records be redesigned to create a more compelling story?

Understanding medical records, heck sometimes even reading the doctor’s handwriting, can be a challenge. This article shows the results from a White House design challenge for medical records. It looks like you might actually be able to tell what those cholesterol levels mean in a single glance. Think about the data you need to present in your job – how could visuals tell a more compelling story?

eMedical Records Gets a Mobile, Open-Sourced Overhaul By White House Health Design Challenge Winners

Topic 3: How does HTML 5 open up new design possibilities?

Don’t try to open the next site in IE – you’ll just get an error message. Check it out in Chrome or on your tablet. With Form Follows Function, designer Jongmin Kim showcases what HTML5 can really do. Flip through several of his interactive pieces to see how they respond to your mouse or finger. Favorites include Ripple on the Green and Hue Blending. What new ideas do they spark for you?

Fast Company: Eye Popping Experiences That Show Off What HTML5 Can Do

And here’s a link to the actual project, which requires Chrome for best viewing.

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