This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini, Play Testing Learning Games

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Surface vs iPad

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Topic 1: Is the Microsoft Surface tablet a viable tablet option for businesses interested in mobile learning?

Today is the first day businesses can order the new Microsoft Surface tablet… and it presents another viable options for companies ready to implement an enterprise tablet strategy. But some have raised concerns that Microsoft Surface might actually hurt mobile learning, and that Microsoft does not truly understand mobile. How do you think Surface will stack up against the iPad for businesses?

Buying Tablets for Business? The iPad or Windows RT Dilemma

Topic 2: How will the smaller screen size of the iPad Mini affect mobile learning?

We have tablets on the brain this week (and, well, most weeks). The iPad mini is widely expected to be announced on October 23rd. It will bring Apple into the smaller screen tablet marketplace. With the new screen size comes new considerations and constraints for mobile learning. For those who choose the Apple ecosystem for mobile, 3.5″, 4″, 7.8″ and 9.7″ are all screen size options. Do you think the iPad mini’s slightly smaller profile brings any potential benefits to mobile learning?

iPad Mini Will Cannibalize Big iPad Sales

Topic 3: What are some of the reasons to physically play test a new game design?

Just this week, Our own Matt Kroeger unveiled a game design for “Guru island,” a spin-off of our Knowledge Guru™ game. Our team internally play tested with a paper prototype and offered tons of feedback. We have found play testing to be essential to our game design process, whether it be for a Knowledge Guru game or A Paycheck Away. What elements do you think make an effective play test…and why is it so important?

Games for Change Part 3: How to Play Test Learning Games

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