This Week on #TalkTech: President Obama Endorses Games, Tablets Make Us Smarter, and the Power of Informal Learning.

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Topic 1: Should kids be required to produce and program rather than simply consume?

President Obama endorses games.

Our team at BLP focuses heavily on game development and design… and we believe that learning games produce results. Now, President Obama has endorsed the practice of game playing among kids. In a recent live web chat on YouTube, Obama recalled an interaction with Mark Zuckerberg in which Zuckerberg claimed that he taught himself programming because he was interested in games. Obama went on to say that it will be necessary for up-and-coming generations to learn programming…and similar to Zuckerberg’s case, maybe that can come from games. What do you think? Should all kids learn how to program? Or, should they just keep convincing their parents that video games are not a waste of time?

President Obama Endorses Games

Topic 2: Will tablets make the human race smarter?

Will tablets make us smarter?

“If we, as infants, develop through interaction, then tablets are our mental steroids.” At BLP, we believe that tablets create valuable learning experiences for everyone, including ourselves…almost all of us have iPads. We learn how to optimize the tablet to provide the best services possible for our clients. This article claims that tablets will make the human race smarter, from infants to geriatrics. Kids are learning how to touch before learning how to click, and adults use the tablet daily for on-demand information. Pretty soon, the tablet will replace the household TV and will be inundating schools worldwide…slowing and surely making us all more intelligent. What do you think? Can tablets make the human race as a whole smarter?

Why Tablets Will Make Us Smarter

Topic 3: How is experiential, informal learning reshaping the training industry?

70-20-10 is a formulation that has, according to this article, gone viral in the training and development world. If 70% of what we learn is experiential, 20% is from others, and only 10% is formal, what does that mean for instructional designers and developers? Author Jay Cross claims that training isn’t going anywhere; it’s just going to look a lot different in a 24/7 business world surrounded by social media in which work is not as mechanical as it once was. What do you think? What role will training departments play in the future?


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