This Week on #TalkTech: Real mLearning, Compulsion Loops in Gamification and Schools and Workplaces of the Future

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We’re shaking things up in 2013 here at #TalkTech! Every couple of weeks, a guest curator will be picking our topics and leading the discussion. Not much will change format-wise… we’ll still publish the weekly post here and the topics will still be tweeted by @BLPIndy, but a guest curator (besides yours truly) will pick the topics and be ready to lead the conversation during the chat. If you are interested in being a guest curator for TalkTech, let me know!

Topic 1: How do you define a true mobile learning (mlearning) experience?

Mobile learning hype doesn't match reality

Today’s authoring tools can publish courses to HTML5 for use on tablets, but are the courses themselves really any different than regular eLearning? Clark Quinn says no, they aren’t. What really constitutes an mLearning experience? How is this different from what we already do on the desktop? Here’s a quote from Mr. Quinn:

“I want to suggest that mlearning – and here I’m talking about courses, not mobile performance support, mobile social, etc, which also could and should be considered mlearning or at least mperformance – is when you’re using the local context to support learning. That could be restated as when you are turning a performance situation into a learning situation, wrapping the performance context with resources and support to take a performance experience and turn it into a learning experience.”

What do you think? When is a learning solution mLearning, and when is it just eLearning with a bow on it? Read the rest of Mr. Quinn’s article and weigh in.

Clark Quinn: Real mLearning

Topic 2: Why are compulsion loops in gamification important?

If we aren’t talking about mobile on TalkTech, there’s a great chance we’re talking about games and gamification. This week’s topic is really a nuts-and-bolts discussion on compulsion loops (or feedback loops). What makes them work? What mechanics need to be present to keep learners engaged? This article explores how using one compulsion loops, or multiple loops on top of eachother, can make a learning experience extra “sticky.”

Understanding and Applying the In-Game Compulsion Loop

Topic 3: What will schools and workplaces look like in 10 years?

This is more of a fun topic than anything else, so let’s get futuristic here. What could schools like in 10 years? And taking it a step further, what might the workplace be like? The article brings up the usual suggestions of “open, collaborative spaces” and the like, but it also brings up some crazier ideas, like kids taking smart drugs to improve brainpower. It sounds like science fiction, sure, but will this be a reality in the future?

How Will Schools Look in 10 Years?

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