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We have been creating custom learning solutions for over twenty years. Every organization is different, but there is a good chance that we have encountered a training need similar to yours before. Whether you’re launching a product, supporting your customers, teaching a new procedure or training for compliance, we’ll partner with you to design and develop the right tools.

Product Launch Training

Ready, set, launch? Not so fast. It takes more than a single launch event to teach your employees how to sell and support a new product. We work with Fortune 500 companies to support global product launches using a three-phase product launch training framework.

Customer Training

If your product is highly complex for the end user, chances are customers need (and expect) a high level of support to use it properly. Our customer training curriculums use a blended learning approach to provide plenty of practice opportunities and multiple layers of reinforcement. The results speak for themselves: a customer training curriculum we developed for Roche Diagnostics recently won two Brandon Hall awards and an LTEN Excellence award.

Safety & Compliance Training

Believe it or not, safety and compliance training can be memorable, effective and fun. We help organizations comply with OSHA, as well as other regulations. We can build you a single eLearning course for a key compliance topic or create an entire curriculum to support your safety efforts. We make compliance courses look good, too: our compliance eLearning routinely wins Horizon Interactive Awards for its superior visual design.

Sales Training

Your salespeople need product knowledge, an understanding of your sales process, and effective sales techniques to realize their full potential. We create sales training solutions that allow salespeople to practice their skills in a safe environment. We can also help you analyze your current situation and decide what types of solutions will help you close the gap.

Policies & Procedures Training

Getting employees to follow a policy or procedure can be critical to increase productivity and prevent losses. Unfortunately, it’s not always a step-by-step process. We’ve helped organizations with a variety of internal training needs: new software training, customer service, information asset protection and more. We’ve also developed employee on-boarding programs that teach new hires what they need to know and give them tools they can use to locate information later.

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