Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

Curriculum DesignTelling people something doesn’t always translate to them actually doing it. We’re experts at crafting curriculum designs that match how people learn with how they change behavior. We consider the constraints of your learners, and we work with you to identify your business outcomes, performance outcomes, and any problems you’re trying to solve.

When we help you develop a curriculum, we ask you these important questions:

  1. What problem will training solve?
  2. What do people need to DO in their jobs once they’re trained?
  3. What do they need to know “cold?”
  4. What do they need to find/locate?
  5. What keeps people from doing “it” or knowing “it” now?
  6. What are the most common mistakes they’re likely to make?

To create a curriculum design that works, we start with the end in mind and work backward to develop an experience that’s both meaningful and memorable to your learners.

Check out a sample of our curriculum design below.