Activating strategy through people

Strategy is only as valuable as the activation behind it — how it shows up, how work gets done, how your employees own it, and how your customers experience it. Because every strategy requires people activation to realize the best results.

Partnering to Realize Results

We're a passionate group of performance consultants, game designers, instructional designers, programmers, and project managers. We're a partner who cares as much about your desired outcome as you do.


Identifying and aligning on the performance factors needed for activation.

Your people live your brand. But skills, mindsets, buy-in, process, and culture can get in the way. We align these factors to your success metrics.


Creating the performance experience and everything needed to sustain it.

Based in neuroscience, we craft experiences and transformations that engage and empower your people to achieve their performance potential.


Activating strategy through engaging, results-focused deliverables.

Experience portals. Change communication. High-volume training. Whatever the asset, we enable your people in innovative and compelling ways.

Outcome-Focused Design

The BLP Way®, our proprietary process, gets to the heart of your need fast.

In-House Development

We rarely outsource, which means our team can constantly innovate and ensure the highest standards of quality.

Partner Mindset

We invest in your success from the first call to the final deliverable.

We're the best at the complex.

From a complex curriculum or fast-moving product launch to a single app, our in-house team partners with you every step of the way. We design and develop web and mobile apps, eLearning, serious games, video, highly interactive instructor-led training and so much more. See some of our work:

The right partner makes all the difference.

Our clients are our partners, and we think of their success as our success. See why these organizations chose BLP, now TiER1 Performance.

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