At BLP, we’re always looking for new or better ways to help people gain new knowledge and skills, so they can perform better on the job. Our annual Learning Trends Report is one way we do that; it helps us “take the pulse” of the industry at large. Perhaps more importantly, it tells what learning trends and opportunities our client organizations are focused on for the coming year. We gather the data for this report through our annual Learning Trends Survey. We ran the 2019 Learning Trends Survey from 11/12 – 12/10.

What We Want to Know

Our goal is similar year-to-year: we want to get a clear picture of both present realities and future possibilities. We want to know… what learning trends are you excited about? Which training methods and technologies are you actually planning to use in 2019? Do you get input from your learners as part of your training design and development process? The survey results will provide a snapshot of what learning trends are really happening in 2019.

What’s Different From Last Year

Last year’s survey gave insight into what knowledge and skills trainers find most important for their learners, what challenges they face when providing training, and how they planned to deliver training in 2018. This year, we want to know what has changed, what has stayed the same, and the overall direction the L&D industry is headed. We’ve also added a few new questions that have evolved this year as we’ve started to dive deeper into design thinking.

Take the 2019 Learning Trends the Survey

The 2019 Learning Trends Survey is now closed. The survey results will be published in January 2019 in our annual Learning and Remembering report.