7 Steps to an Effective Serious Game or Gamification Implementation

Let’s face it: launching a new learning technology can feel like a leap of faith. We talked to four organizations who recently implemented our Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform to learn about how they made their initiatives successful. We turned the common methods these organizations used into seven implementation tips you can use at your organization.

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So, how did we come to these seven steps?

We get to collect stories from organizations who wish to submit for industry awards. These are typically the “best of the best.” They planned for success, either partnered with us to build a solution or created their own game with Knowledge Guru, and drove meaningful business results from their efforts.

What’s interesting about these award-winning implementations is just how similar they are. We find that the companies that are most successful with games and gamification in their organizations take many similar approaches when it comes to implementation. And from that we determined the most important steps for success.

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