7 Truths About Remembering

Need to Train some Trainers of your own? Are you a facilitator looking to improve your presentations? We’ve produced a concise guide that summarizes our 7 Truths about Remembering. Fill out the form below to download the guide.

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What are the 7 truths about remembering?

We teach a “Seven Truths” model to show how people best retain information. It’s not that only 7 truths about remembering exist, but well… the number seven is part of the point. Ever wonder why phone numbers have seven digits? Research conducted in the 1950′s by cognitive psychologist showed that seven, plus or minus two, is the maximum number of “things” we can remember at any one time.

Our seven truths about remembering are tools we use to quickly gain insight into how the brain works when facilitating and designing instructional content. By teaching these truths in a Trainer the Trainer session, you are enabling learners to do things like linking the new to the familiar, eliminating unnecessary content and more.

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