Jennifer Bertram, Director of Instructional Design here at Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a new white paper on Agile Learning Design. In Agile Learning Design for Beginners, Jennifer gives a comprehensive introduction to one of her areas of expertise as a Director of Instructional Design: Agile. The white paper skips the buzzwords and gives a much needed overview of Agile methodology from the perspective of real instructional designers and managers.


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Here’s an overview of the content covered in the white paper:

Why not ADDIE

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” In the past, we’ve assumed that instructional designers should not be seen or heard. We tell our clients or stakeholders, “Don’t look at what we’re doing. Wait until it’s built until you look.” But Agile instructional design is different. It’s about telling our stakeholders, “Come join me behind the curtain and work with me to create something great.” And this is just one of the many benefits of restructuring your processes to be more iterative… more agile. Jennifer will go into some of the benefits of Agile methodology over the traditional ADDIE model.

Managing the Work

Wanting to work incrementally, iteratively, and collaboratively is all well and good, but at some point you have to manage the work and timeline. It can seem daunting to do so using a whole new approach to work. The white paper will give you the manager’s perspective of Agile Learning Design. Jennifer breaks down Kanban methodology and shows you how our Agile workflow looks and feels.

What “kind” of agile do you need?

Did you know that “Agile” is just a broad term for a variety of project management approaches? BLP’s Learning Services team uses Kanban, but the Product Development and Marketing teams both use their own variation of Scrum. The white paper includes an interview with President Sharon Boller where she discusses the pluses and minuses of the Scrum methodology. Use it to decide what approach to agile is right for your team.

Getting Started

Theories and diagrams are all well and good, but this white paper isn’t limited to the abstract. You will use it as a practical, hands-on guide to Agile Learning Design. At the end, you’ll find a series of questions and suggestions to help you get the conversation started at your organization.

Are you ready to “get Agile”? Download the white paper now!