Giving back is a huge part of BLP’s company culture. For years, we have partnered with Dayspring Center, an emergency shelter in Indianapolis, to accomplish our stated goal of “Giving Back to our Local and Global Community.”

Well, we all were a little frozen yesterday, but the hard work shows! We decided to give the shelter’s playground a complete overhaul. The staff at Dayspring was very excited about everything we accomplished, and I think the overall thought from them and everyone who worked on it was all about how bright and fun everything looks now… instead of drab and weathered brown like it looked before.

Thank you so much to Kirk and Sharon Boller for cultivating a culture of giving back at our company and allowing us to work on a project like this. And thank you to everyone who helped with this, too!

Here are a few shots of the Dayspring playground before we began work:




A little recap of what we did: 

2 WEEKS AGO: Leo and I washed and scrubbed away the grime on wood playground structure.


LAST WEEK: Kendell and I (with the help of my mom) stained most parts of the wood playground structure.


YESTERDAY: The whole gang of Matt K, Matt W, Kendell, Jackie, Jake, Steve, Erika, Corey, Ryan, and I did the following:

​1. Shoveled/moved/laid 3 cubic yards of mulch (no pics) – I must mention, we thought this would be the “worst” job to do, but it turned out to be great because it got us warm!

2. Painted a mural!

The beginnings of the mural.


The finished product.
The finished product.
3. Painted cinder blocks that became a bench we built
The set-up
The finished bench.
4. Painted stepping stones to place in the mulch.
We all got to contribute a creative design.


The stepping stones look great in the new mulch.

5. Painted a chalkboard wall.

9 team members were just enough for this project.

6. Finished staining the wood playground structure.


7. Installed binoculars, a toy drum set, and a swing on the playground.
We added some toys to the existing playset.
Jake was the only person under the swing’s weight limit!

8. Created a 4-square court.

The court has some creative color mixes.

All in all, it was a fun day out of the office and an opportunity to make the children who pass through Daysprings’ time a little brighter.