The Fall 2017 Release of Knowledge Guru makes life easier for game authors and provides new gameplay options for learners. We’ve added several new features to the Knowledge Guru platform based on customer requests and lessons learned implementing Knowledge Guru games as part of larger curriculums for our clients.

New Authoring Tools and System Admin Dashboard

We gave the Knowledge Guru authoring tool a new, modern look and feel. Creating and editing games is now easier than ever. Tracking player progress, and automatically sending reports to managers who do not wish to log in to another tool, takes just a few clicks.

New Desktop Play Experience for Drive

We created our newest Knowledge Guru app, Drive, to be a mobile-first experience. But while mobile works great for many learners, some of us still want (or need) to complete training on a desktop or laptop. Now learners can play Drive on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Implementation Support, Anyone?

Everyone loves to talk about learning trends and technologies. But what about implementation? We’ve created a comprehensive collection of templates, tactics, and tips to help Knowledge Guru customers make their games a success.

Automatic Emails that Motivate and Engage

Knowledge Guru administrators can now choose to turn on a carefully crafted series of emails that players trigger with various in-game activities. These auto emails are designed to foster repeat play and gently nudge inactive users.

About Bottom-Line Performance

The Bottom-Line Performance team launched the Knowledge Guru in 2012. We are an award-winning learning design firm serving a wide range of corporate clients. Since 1995, we’ve helped clients choose the right learning solutions for their learners, while also helping them to design and develop learning tools effectively. Areas of focus include product launches, customer training, internal process training, safety & compliance and more.

We often use Knowledge Guru games as a pre-work or reinforcement activity in the custom curriculums we create.