How much of your company’s training only exists to check the box? How often is your job ready to comply with regulations or teach basic, routine procedures that employees must follow? It’s easy to see how training like this often becomes rather dull. And when employees take this training, it’s no surprise that they are often disengaged and unable to see how what they are learning impacts their job or their organization.

Sometimes, the regulations you must comply with limit your training design options, too. For example, a certain number of training hours or a certain delivery format might be mandated by a regulatory body. Constraints like these can make it seem impossible to create training that really makes an impact.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and we have proof! Regulatory requirements can become constraints that encourage creativity. And while processes and procedures might seem mundane on the surface, they are really the building blocks of a successful organization. What your employees do every day is at the heart of your business: you just have to show them how and why.

A Winning Solution

Need a little inspiration to spark your own creativity? Just take a look at one of our awesome clients and their recent success story:

Bottom-Line Performance and The Mosaic Company partnered to win Gold in Best Advance in Compliance Training in the 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards. The winning project, “Phosphate Foundations,” is a new hire training and annual refresher training program that is helping Mosaic improve safety outcomes and employee engagement. Mosaic creatively worked within constraints to connect compliance training with business needs while creating an engaging learning environment. The project was the only Gold winner in the Compliance Training category, and we will be showcasing it in an upcoming webinar!

Make Regulatory Training Matter

We gave a webinar called Comply, Engage, Amaze: How to Make Regulatory Training Matter. In it, Jennifer Bertram—our director of instructional design—presented with Linda Anhalt, the EHS Training Manager at Mosaic. In this session, we covered:

  • The best ways to use regulatory constraints creatively and incorporate engaging learning techniques into your training.
  • Issues The Mosaic Company faced before they redesigned their training program.
  • How The Mosaic Company redesigned their training program to focus on key objectives while complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Example training materials we created for The Mosaic Company.
  • How to gamify content, no matter how dry or technical.
  • Strategies for managing external stakeholders effectively and keeping your training design on track.

You can view the recording of this webinar below.

View our webinar Comply, Engage, Amaze: How to Make Regulatory Training Matter and learn how to creatively work within constraints while creating an engaging learning experience.