Promise vs. Hype: How to Evaluate Emerging Learning Technologies

Each year, new learning technologies are touted as the next big thing in learning and development. Some have staying power, while others turn out to be passing fads. Even when a learning technology has a strong use case, poor needs analysis and half-baked implementation can lead to missed expectations and disappointed stakeholders.

This session demonstrates a tried and true methodology for evaluating new learning technologies. Using Articulate Rise 360 as a sample tool and the use of games for learning as a sample trend, we walk through the technology evaluation process and demonstrate how an organization can evaluate new tools and techniques, create realistic use cases, and develop an appropriate proof of concept. Then, we discuss the learning technology landscape in 2019 and share our analysis and predictions on the latest tools and techniques.

After attending this session, you'll be able to:

Apply a technology evaluation process when assessing the potential of new learning technologies.

Analyze a given technology tool (Articulate Rise 360) to determine its potential use cases.

Identify the potential of various learning technologies on the 2019 landscape.


Steve Boller is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Bottom-Line Performance. In this role, he helps organizations define the outcomes they need to drive from their workplace learning programs and determine the right mix of solutions to meet their needs. He authors BLP’s annual Learning Trends Report and has authored over 150 educational articles both online for and in print for the Life Science Trainer and Educator Network’s Focus on TrainingMagazine and ATD’s TD Magazine. Steve has delivered webinars for Chief Learning Officer Magazine and Training Magazine Network as well as presented at conferences such as ATD International, ATD TechKnowledge, Training Magazine, the LTEN Annual Conference and DevLearn. Steve is also the product owner of Knowledge Guru®, a game-based training reinforcement platform that has won five Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, including two “Gold” distinctions.

Nick Shelton is the Learning Interaction Design Manager at Bottom-Line Performance. Nick brings over 10 years of software and training development experience to his role, in which he oversees technology and multimedia initiatives of the services business which includes nearly 20 course authors, programmers, multimedia developers, and graphic designers. He also leads research and development projects around the implementation of new technology and serves as a technology lead and technical project manager for Bottom-Line Performance’s client base. When Nick is not leading multimedia and technology initiatives, he uses his software development background to innovate on commonly used industry tools, create new tools and apps for Bottom-Line Performance and its clients and produces well-regarded instructional training videos for the Articulate Storyline and web development communities.

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We are also the creators of Knowledge Guru®, a training reinforcement platform that uses adaptive learning, game-based learning, and microlearning to increase knowledge retention and improve performance.

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