BLP Employees Create an Original Song and Music Video to Support Dayspring Center in Indianapolis


We are never at loss for creative energy at BLP. Even in the midst of client projects and marketing efforts, our talented staff finds ways to pursue artistic endeavors and build their skills in new and exciting ways. As Sharon Boller, president of BLP says, “Giving back is such an important part of our company culture, it’s great when we can blend skill-building for ourselves and our clients with ways we can impact the community where we work and live.”

Today, BLP employee Steve Boller (who is also a singer/songwriter), has released his newest single, “Choose to Hope.” It’s about making the choice to love and give back, even when it isn’t easy. We think you’ll love it.

But it is about more than just the song. Steve is donating 100% of the proceeds from song downloads to Dayspring Center, one of our main charitable partners. The temporary homeless shelter serves families in Indianapolis by providing them the ways and means to lift themselves out of homelessness.

Nick Shelton, Sr. Multimedia Developer at BLP, directed, and produced the greenscreen music video and animated the whole thing using AfterEffects. The final product is amazing, and we think it really showcases our expertise in video as well. In fact, the skills we are showcasing in this project show the incredible potential of AfterEffects and greenscreen video and how they might be used as part of a multimedia learning experience. Believe it or not, the entire video was filmed with our HD video camera in front of a green screen in our office parking lot!

No matter what creative talents and abilities your staff possesses, chances are there are plenty of innovative ways you can leverage them to build more skills within your organization, or even to support your charitable initiatives. While Steve will obviously benefit musically from having such a fantastic video, BLP has also benefited from the opportunity to fine-tune and showcase our video creation skills. It’s exciting to think about how a video of this caliber could be integrated into a higher end learning solution to really drive value and engagement. Does your staff have any talents that you could integrate into your business in innovative ways?

Want to watch the video, hear the song, and give back? Just follow the links:

Watch the video on YouTube:

Download the song and “Pay What You Want” to make a larger donation:

Or, Download the song on iTunes