mobile mindset

As many of us can attest, it’s difficult to remain on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to training. Whether it’s resistance within our organizations or a limitation of tools (like a bloated LMS or ancient browser requirements), working to improve design can often feel like more of a hassle than it’s worth. But regardless, we work hard to bring learners the best possible experience in the best possible environment.

Our new eBook on the mobile learning mindset can help you continue to do just that. But it’s not just about making everything mobile. It’s about creating the best possible learner experience while also making the training we create ready for change.

What is the Mobile Mindset?

At BLP, we coined the term Mobile Mindset to encompass a broader range of programming and design that’s accessible to all organizations—the ones trying to roll out mobile now and those who still have hurdles to overcome.

A mobile mindset means thinking about programming and design in a way that is adaptable for the future. It leads to impactful mobile experiences. And it also improves the design of even your desktop eLearning so you’re prepared for whatever device/browser/version comes our way. The mobile learning mindset is designing for the challenges of mobile, whether you’re creating mobile learning solutions or not.

Consumers are Mobile, but L&D is Still Behind

The data shows that the training industry has been painfully slow to adopt mobile. And not adopting mobile has meant not adopting these new design improvements.

The chart above shows that the vast majority of organizations are barely dipping their toe in the water. That’s not to say L&D departments haven’t been trying! In a 2016 survey of 21 Bottom-Line Performance clients, 81% said they would be somewhat likely or extremely likely to use a reinforcement tool that is intended for the smartphone. Yet in our 2017 Learning & Remembering Report Survey, only 21% of respondents said they planned to use mobile to deliver training in 2017.

So what exactly is holding us back?
In the eBook, we identify some of these challenges we face when going mobile. We then go over the high-level aspects of the mobile mindset and dive into some actionable advice. You’ll take away six tips for implementing a mobile mindset in your own training solutions. You can dowload the eBook below.

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