We gamified the eLearning experience, and reps loved it.

The project story

Sales reps know all about required training and have received plenty of it…they do it all the time for their jobs. But how do you reach them when you REALLY need to reach them? Our answer for Dow AgroSciences was through a game that mirrored the real-world context of their jobs: achieving sales goals. Formulation Type Matters mirrored their work environment, provided constant feedback in terms of sales gained or lost, and provided them with rising or falling customer satisfaction rates.

Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company specializing in not only agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, but also seeds and biotechnology solutions.

Sales reps needed to understand the effect that formulation type has on product performance in order to make appropriate product recommendations, address product challenges, and answer customer questions.

  • Created a game that provided real-time feedback in a format that reps understood — sales lost or gained are a result of their actions.
  • Used a context that mirrored a rep’s real-world situations — a sales territory with customers — to make information recall easy.
  • Created tools that help reps “find/locate,” rather than requiring them to memorize the information.

Sales reps rave about the course, asking, “Can we have more training like this?” The game went on to place as a finalist in the 2013 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.

  • “Formulation Type Matters” was a finalist in the 2013 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.

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