We created a mobile learning game toboost channel sales rep mindshare.

The project story

TE Connectivity works with a wide range of customer types, with many different product types applicable to each customer. To be successful, TE’s 2,500 global channel distributors need a broad understanding of the primary customer types they serve, and the many products these customers need. We partnered with TE Connectivity to create a mobile learning game for smartphones that helps distributors learn about their customers, and the applicable products for each customer so they can position the right products with the right customers.

TE Town is available for download: iOS / Android

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) is a $12 billion global technology leader. Their connectivity and sensor solutions are essential in today’s increasingly connected world.

Help TE’s 2,500 distributors understand the needs of five primary customer types and position a wide range of TE products with these customers to meet their needs.

The TE Town game is just one part of a TE Connectivity’s new comprehensive training and sales enablement program.

  • Players are elected mayor of TE town when they first log in to the game.
  • The game goal is to upgrade their towns to the highest level possible, growing population and town treasury as they do so.
  • Each upgrade moves them up a level in the game.
  • To build their towns, players must complete a variety of minigames by identifying the correct customer type, learning about the relevant products and asking the right questions to help the customer.
  • As they play, learners can track their progress against other distributors on the leaderboards.
  • 100% of distributors surveyed said they learned something from playing TE town
  • TE Town led to increased adoption of the sales enablement program by drawing in distributors who were previously not taking training.
  • Anecdotal feedback: “It was the best way to learn about our products by ourselves. I love it!”
  • TE Town won “Best Sales Tools – Channel Partner Engagement” in the 2016 ECIA Marketing Awards.
  • “Best Use of Mobile Learning” in the 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
  • “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning” in the 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
  • A Gold award in Mobile Apps – Education in the 2016 Horizon Awards
  • A Silver award in Mobile Apps – Games in the 2016 Horizon Awards
  • “Best Sales Tools – Channel Partner Engagement” in the 2016 ECIA Marketing Awards

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