Serious Games + Smart Implementation = Win

Serious games have the potential to engage and motivate your learners. But what about driving long-term retention of business-critical knowledge? In this recorded webinar we share how several organizations have put theory into practice and implemented games as part of their training programs. Then, we explore how serious games can be linked to learning science to increase learner retention of product knowledge, policies, procedures, and basic facts.

This recording includes case studies from four Knowledge Guru customers who have used the platform to drive business results and win awards.

About Bottom-Line Performance

Since 1995, BLP has helped organizations create the right learning solution. Whether you have a complex problem to solve, product to launch, or process to implement, our in-house team partners with you every step of the way to design for your desired outcome and develop the right mix of tools: web and mobile apps, eLearning, serious games and gamification, video, and highly interactive instructor-led training to name a few. The end result? Award-winning solutions that solve problems, inspire people to act, and help people learn.

We are also the creators of Knowledge Guru®, a training reinforcement platform that uses adaptive learning, game-based learning, and microlearning to increase knowledge retention and improve performance.

Great instructional design is at the heart of what we do.