When the electricity is fried at your house, do you fix it yourself?

(Hopefully you call an electrician.)

We don’t think corporate training initiatives are any different.

Have you ever taken a project on yourself in an effort to save money, only to waste hours of your time and never really get anything accomplished? What about buying a TV or appliance from an off-brand because it is cheaper, only to have it break down a few months later? Businesses need to stay focused on the bottom line, but most of the time we are actually more successful with a bit more up-front investment.

Think about it: you are at your best and most productive for your company when you are engaged in a task that you are an expert at. You probably cruise through your day to day tasks in less than half the time it takes an average joe, and that’s how your company makes money.

We see it all the time: understaffed, underfunded training departments are handed large-scale initiatives and are expected to “figure it out” on their own. Without the proper mindset and resources, these initiatives never get too far. In an effort to save the company money in the short term, a business can actually hurt its long term viability by failing to invest in important infrastructural improvements that cannot be overlooked.

Why does this happen so much with training? We think it’s because learning can seem intangible. You can’t see, touch, or taste effective learning…at least not in an obvious sense. But we believe a staff that is optimally trained and receives the necessary support to perform at a high level is actually one of the most, if not THE most important factor for business success.

That being said, you don’t always need a doctor when you feel sick. Sometimes a quick trip to WedMD.com and the local pharmacy is all you need. How do you tell the difference?

If a business need or problem is systemic or significant, than you need to get a professional. Bandaids, quick fixes, and reactionary measures will never get you there. If you are considering a “bandaid” solution to a major problem, ask yourself: “How did we get into a situation where we are desperate to find things for the cheapest possible price? Why do we need to save so much money in the short term?” Somewhere in the organization, chances are resources are getting diverted inefficiently. It’s no accident that the products and services that have been intentionally created with an obsessive attention to detail are beginning to rise to the top. Apple’s iPhone and iPad may be more expensive than an entry level phone or tablet, but most believe them to be far superior products.

All of these factors are what drive’s Bottom-Line Performance’s attention to quality design and project management versus one-size-fits-all project work. We pride ourselves on serving clients who are excellent at what they do and care about quality enough to let an outside expert maximize their learning and performance needs.

It sure beats sticking a fork into an electrical socket. Call an expert!

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