Our team has always embraced game based learning and gamification– even before exciting events like the launch of our brand new Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard. It’s our mission to provide the best learning solutions for our clients, and because of that we’ve gathered an extensive amount of information on the subject— information that we’d like to share with you.

So the Knowledge Guru team got to work on Getting the Facts on Game Based Learning, a really cool infographic we put together to educate the Instructional Design community on game based learning. It’s also a great tool for instructional designers to start spreading the word on the efficacy of game based learning and gamification, because the more information there is out there, the more confident clients will be in a game based learning solution.

Click the image below to view the infographic.

And now we’ve finally finished the project. We debuted the infographic on the brand new Learning Game Design Blog. You can view the infographic here.